Doolin (Mantle Dane) Best Opposite Sex in Sweeps

Mantle Great Dane Davishire's Moving Hearts

Doolin (Mantle Dane) Best Opposite Sex in Sweeps

Sep 15, 2011 | Doolin, Doolin Show Record, Mantle Great Dane

Doolin - Dane puppyDoolin (Mantle Dane) Best Opposite Sex Puppy

Doolin (Davishire’s Moving Hearts) began his show career with a Best Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes at the Great Dane Club of Western Washington Specialty show, in Shelton, Washington, September, 2011.  As a person new to showing, I really wasn’t quite sure what was going on. I just knew that Doolin had to keep going back in the ring. Before the regular show, the specialties do sweepstakes shows just for the great dane puppies, and Doolin was the best boy Great Dane puppy judged by the sweeps judge, the girl did beat him for the best sweeps Great Dane puppy 🙂

Doolin was just a 6 month old puppy at this show, the youngest that you can enter for points is 6 months. Doolin was a trooper through out the long day. We started at 8am, Doolin’s class was the first class. Sweeps are for puppies 6-18 months old. Their are no AKC points awarded for winning. Only breed Specialty shows and the National Specialty show have sweeps competition. In an all-breed show there isn’t enough time to have a “sweeps” show for the Great Dane puppies. Since the sweeps show is just for young Great Danes, judging is usually concluded within 60-90 minutes. Then the regular Specialty show starts. For this show, there were two sweeps shows and 2 Specialty shows.

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