Doolin (Mantle Great Dane) in Portland Oregon

Mantle Great Dane - Dog Show

Doolin (Mantle Great Dane) in Portland Oregon

Jan 20, 2013 | Dog Show, Doolin, Mantle Great Dane, Recent News

Doolin (Mantle Great Dane) shows in Portland Oregon


It is always wonderful to see Doolin, our Mantle Great Dane boy, shown by Kathleen Davis of Davishire Danes, his breeder. Kathleen and Diane Collings sometimes come up from Northern California for the Portland shows and stay with us. It is great great fun, they usually bring 2-3 of their Great Danes with them. Dogs are part of the family and its great, although not necessary, if you and your dog’s breeders become friends. Responsible Great Dane breeders love hearing how their puppies are doing. And your dog’s breeder should be an incredibly valuable resource for you the entire life of your dog, especially if you are new to Great Danes.

Great Dane - Mantle Male - Natural Ears - Dog Show

Showing dogs is part simply a fun social hobby, like fishing, but with umbrella drinks at dinners in restaurants, hot showers and comfortable beds in moderately priced hotels 🙂 It is also substantially an education about the health and welfare of dogs. I have learned far more about Great Danes from my show friends than my vet. I’ve received tons of help and advise from them. I will be forever grateful to my dog show friends.


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