Doolin’s Ad – our Great Dane Dog

Doolin - our Mantle Great Dane Dog

Doolin’s Ad – our Great Dane Dog

Oct 5, 2012 | Doolin, Mantle Great Dane, Recent News

Doolin our Great Dane Dog

Doolin – our wonderful Great Dane Dog

This is an ad created by Doolin’s wonderful breeder after Doolin was awarded his second Specialty Major in Shelton, Washington in September 2012. We have had a wonderful year showing Doolin, which started last year in this same show. Last year Doolin was awarded his first Specialty Major as a 6 month old Great Dane puppy.

I researched Doolin’s breeder very carefully. I spoke with several breeders, I carefully studied websites. I found pedigrees. I attended dog shows. I wanted to find a breeder who had been breeding Great Danes for many years and had bred champions. I believe that people who show know more about the dogs, their history and health. I’ve learned so much about their health, structure and type.

Although I wanted a show dog, a new hobby now that my children are adults, the most important thing was to find a healthy puppy that fit our family. Kathleen of Davishire Danes, understanding our family’s needs, carefully chose the best puppy for us. Her choice was not the puppy I originally thought I was going to bring home, but she was absolutely right about Doolin, he is perfect for me.

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