Doolin’s Second Major in Shelton, Washington

Doolin’s Second Major in Shelton, Washington

Sep 26, 2012 | Doolin, Mantle Great Dane

Doolin was awarded Winners Dog in Shelton, Washington

Doolin received his second major in Shelton, Washington!

Our beautiful mantle Great Dane Doolin, was awarded his second Major, 3 championship points, at the Great Dane Club of Western Washington’s Specialty Show in Shelton, Washington. Doolin received his first major at this show a year ago, so it is such an honor he received this award again, a year later.

Judges chosen to judge at Great Dane Specialties are usually well known, respected, long time breeders of Great Danes. ย They know the breed, therefore it is an honor to be given points at a Specialty show. This is a four day show, about 150 miles North of Portland, Oregon, where we live. The show grounds are beautiful.

A year ago, Doolin was just a 6 month old puppy. Now at 18 months, he’s collected most of his points for his championship. We’ve had a very fun time showing him, meeting many beautiful dogs, many very kind fun people.

Doolin is still a very young dog, Danes, especially male danes, don’t mature until they are 3-4 years old.

Besides being a beautiful boy, Doolin continues to be a wonderful family member. He’s fun loving laid back quirky personality delights me every day. We were so lucky to find Kathleen Davis of Davishire Danes and we convinced her we were the perfect home for Doolin :-).

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