Fallon picks up her second Major, 2 RWB & BBE in Lynden, WA

Fallon picks up her second Major, 2 RWB & BBE in Lynden, WA

May 24, 2024 | Dog Show, Fallon, Recent News

This was an amazing weekend in Lynden, WA. Six shows, six chances to get points toward Fallon’s Championship, BUT the competition is extremely tough. The bitches that are out being shown now in this area are the best collectively that I’ve seen in my 13 years of showing dogs. These are structurally sound dogs, as working dogs should be and they look like beautiful Danes, closely meeting the standard. So getting any kind of recognition is this group of dogs is very hard.

Fallon did pick up her second major – earning a Championship title requires you get 2 majors (an indication of the number of dogs being shown in the show). When you have a small show and you win, you get 1 or 2 points. When you are at a larger show and you win, you are awarded, 3 or 4 or 5 points, depending on the number of dogs being shown. Fallon picked up 4 points with her Winners Bitch win. She was also awarded 2 second place wins – Reserve Winners Bitch and a Best Bred By Exhibitor award. The Best Bred By Exhibitor award is special because it means the person showing her is the person who bred her. The BBE trophy is an embroidered chair (shown in the picture above) and it’s a pretty special trophy. Georgia Hymmen’s beautiful Eva is Fallon’s mother and our boy Zefram is Fallon’s father. Georgia has Fallon’s BBE trophy chair. We hope she loves it, she most assuredly deserves it! Fallon just needs 2 more points to finish her Championship. It could be tomorrow or a year from now 🙂 You never know with dog shows 🙂

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