Great Dane Puppies - Litterbox

We don't have a litter of puppies planned, but want to assist in your efforts to find a new family member.

Below is a list of responsible Great Dane breeders (that generally health test before breeding) to contact to inquire about puppies. They may not have Dane puppies currently but know someone who does. Even though the Great Dane breeders listed below generally health test their Danes before breeding, please make sure you ALWAYS inquire about the specific health tests on the parents of a puppy you may be interested in.

It may be useful for you to check out the Great Dane Information page on this site. Other than puppies, you might find it useful to look at rescue Danes. There are several advantages to adopting an older Dane. It could be a dog from a rescue organization or an adult Dane returned to its breeder. Responsible breeders insist on their puppies being returned to them if for some reason a family can't keep their Dane. Danes can be returned because a family's circumstances have changed from divorce or illness or a layoff, many reasons. An adult Dane, is occasionally a better fit for a family.


Great Dane Breeders on the West Coast:

Fawn and Brindle Great Dane Breeders

Daynakin Great Danes, Fawn and Brindle Danes, WA
Neet Great Danes, Fawn and Brindle Danes, CA

Harlequin, Mantle and MerleĀ Great Dane Breeders

Davishire Danes, Harlequin, Mantle and Merle Danes, CA
Everheart Great Danes, Harlequin, Mantle and Merle Danes, CA
Hamlin Great Danes, Harlequin, Mantle and Merle Great Danes, OR