Remy (Mantle Dane) visiting Marian in Ocean Shores Washington

4 month old Great Dane puppy

Remy (Mantle Dane) visiting Marian in Ocean Shores Washington

Sep 13, 2014 | Mantle Great Dane, Recent News, Remy

Remy - Mantle Dane puppy - Washington

Remy visiting (and stacking practice) in Ocean Shores Washington

Remy had the pleasure of hanging out with his breeders Kathleen Davis and Diane Collings when they came to visit his co-owner Marian Heckard in Washington. The picture is a 4 month old Great Dane puppy picture. The picture is of a Remy stacking practice. Dane puppies can grow unevenly. The front shoulders get higher, than the back, but from what I’ve seen it is more likely that the back end gets taller first, then the front shoulders catch up. From a distance they can occasionally look like goats :-), especially during the 9-12 month stage. It isn’t a pretty time for many Great Dane puppies 🙂
4 month old Great Dane puppy
These pictures are very important for Great Dane puppy breeders because they document how their puppies grow. Learning how their puppies grow can affect future breeding decisions and choices as to what puppies they keep.

Breeding Great Danes

Good knowledgeable Great Dane puppy breeders strive to breed Danes that are sound structurally so they can run and jump and play comfortably through their entire lives. The standard and dog showing isn’t just about beauty. Originally the dogs were bred for a purpose, to help with boar hunting and to be estate guard dogs. You need an athletic dog to do these things. Above all else the Great Dane should retain its athleticism. Good breeders value structure and movement as well as type. Type is considered what attributes make a Great Dane distinguishable from any other dog, like a lab :-). I’ve learned all about health and structure and how important it is from my Dane breeders.

Here is a link to my litterbox page that has a list of responsible knowledgeable Great Dane breeders.

I’ve been very lucky that I live fairly close to very knowledgeable breeders in Oregon, Washington and California. In 30 mins to 6 hours I can get to all the Washington shows. Just beyond Washington’s eastern border is Idaho and the Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho show grounds are very beautiful. Again places I’m not sure I would spend much time in, if it weren’t for dog shows.

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