Remy was awarded WD & BOW in Canby, Oregon

Mantle Great Dane

Remy was awarded WD & BOW in Canby, Oregon

Jun 28, 2015 | Mantle Great Dane, Recent News, Remy, Remy Show Record

Davishire's Remy Is Cooking Up A Storm
Remy (Davishire’s Remy Is Cooking Up A Storm) started off his acquisition of champion points in Canby, Oregon, with Karen Hamlin handling him. In addition to Winner’s Dog, Remy was awarded the Best Of Winners award as well. Remy is off to a great start on a beautiful day in Canby. I love this show, the show grounds are nice, with shady tress and in June the weather isn’t too hot. At a year old, Remy still has a good bit of growing up to do and he changes month by month. Great Danes males often don’t mature until they are 3-4 years old. I think Remy will take his time.

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