VooDoo – Halloween – the mantle merle Great Dane Puppy way

Merle Great Dane puppy

VooDoo – Halloween – the mantle merle Great Dane Puppy way

Oct 31, 2010 | Recent News, VooDoo

Mantle Merle Great Dane puppy

VooDoo our Mantle Merle Dane Puppy does Halloween

VooDoo is our first great dane and as a mantle merle she is a beautiful Great Dane. Mantle Merles are a normal color produced from breeding Great Danes in the Harlequin family colors. Merles can’t be avoided when trying to breed for Harlequins. In 2016 the Great Dane Club of America has voted to consider adding Merles to the list of acceptable colors to be shown. It is a logical modification to the standard, but change is difficult and the Club will want to carefully consider any proposed change to the standard.

VooDoo is a high energy girl and she had a blast dressing up for Halloween in October 2010. I’m not sure exactly how many seconds the costume stayed on her, but she did have a fun time romping around after the pictures was taken. We took a good bit of video on our puppy girl and look forward to posting it soon. As Bhasker has said, we were looking for calm gentle big dog and we got one out of three, BIG, calm and gentle . . . . not so much. Love our VooDoo girl!

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