Picking Up VooDoo our Mantle Merle Great Dane puppy

Merle Great Dane puppy

Picking Up VooDoo our Mantle Merle Great Dane puppy

Sep 13, 2010 | Great Dane Puppy, Mantle Merle Great Dane, Recent News, VooDoo

VooDoo our Mantle Merle Great Dane puppy

Mantle Merle Great Dane puppy

The first weekend in September we headed up to Seattle to meet with VooDoo’s breeder to pickup our 8 week old Great Dane puppy. My friend Will came up with me, we had a wonderful time. VooDoo’s breeder lives in Eastern Washington near Spokane. Puppies from the litter had new homes near Seattle so we decided to meet in there.

We first saw VooDoo at 3.5 weeks. Sandhya and I drove up to see the litter. I had always loved Great Danes and with both my kids off to college this fall, Sandhya had decided we needed to get a puppy.

Harlequin, Mantle, Merle Great Dane Puppies

VooDoo’s Mother was a mantle and her Dad was a Harlequin. In the litter there were three Mantles and Black and White Danes, 2 Mantle Merles and a Harlequin puppy in the litter. This is a very typical combination of colors when you breed a Harlequin to a mantle. The percentage of puppies vary every litter, but these are the possible colors.

Great Danes breeders have to do an amazing amount of work to raise a litter of Great Danes. The puppies have to nurse every couple of hours for a couple weeks. They aren’t usually left unmonitored in the whelping box because if stepped on by Mom they could be seriously hurt or killed. It’s a labor of love raising a litter of Great Dane puppies.

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