Zefram the Great Dane puppy delivered!

Zefram the Great Dane puppy delivered!

Mar 14, 2021 | Zefram

Zefram, Paxton’s Live Long Prosper, our first fawn Great Dane puppy, was delivered by our son and daughter in law on Feb 18, 2021. We were so lucky that Allison Paxton, a great breeder from California placed him with us. He wasn’t too sure about Doolin and Remy in the beginning but warmed to them very quickly. He was tormenting them in record time. The shocking thing was that Doolin, who normally hates puppies, won’t go into a room if a puppy is there, loved Zefram. Doolin tolerated his antics much longer than I would have imagined. I can’t say how much that meant to me.

I like having the dog’s names be meaningful and Zefram is our Scifi Star Trek Great Dane puppy. He is named after Zefram Cochran, the inventor of the warp drive in the Star Trek universe and of course his registered name is Spock’s Vulcan greeting.

It only took about 2 minutes for all of us to fall in love and of course, Zefram started growing, as Great Danes do, at an amazing rate. Here he has Chrismoose, a toy that is even longer than he is. Zefram loves toys, loves to carry something in his mouth all the time. And he is so proud of himself. When he first arrived he paraded through the house checking out everything carrying his leash in his mouth, tail wagging. He is outgoing, afraid of nothing and loves people.

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