Remy awarded WD 2017

Mantle Great Dane

Remy awarded WD 2017

Mar 7, 2017 | Dog Show, Mantle Great Dane, Recent News, Remy

Mantle Great Dane Oregon
We had a wonderful four day weekend at the Linn County Kennel Club and McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers shows in Albany, Oregon, February 24-27, 2017. Remy (Mantle Great Dane Oregon),our beautiful Mantle Great Dane was awarded Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners.

Off to the Dog Show

We still think of Remy as our sweet Great Dane mantle puppy who is a joy to live with and he LOVES going to dog shows. Remy knows when I start loading up the car and bathing him that it is time for a dog show. He runs to the door wagging his tail, essentially saying, let’s go, let’s go. Remy loves all his “Aunties” at the show that pet him and give him treats. He loves his dog friends at the show. We are careful not to let his enthusiasm infringe on another dog’s space, but he does have dog friends that he has had play dates with who he knows and loves and he loves seeing them at the dog shows.

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