We’ve been looted – Doolin – our Mantle Great Dane

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We’ve been looted – Doolin – our Mantle Great Dane

Apr 2, 2017 | Dog Show, Doolin, Mantle Great Dane, Recent News

Doolin - Mantle Great DaneThis weekend Doolin, one of our Mantle Great Danes, made his debut in Albany, Oregon as a veteran at the Willamette Valley Great Dane Specialty shows. We brought home great loot – ribbons and trophies. Great Danes can be shown as “veterans” from the age of 6 on. The Specialty shows are the ones that have classes for these 6+ year old Great Danes. It was great fun and heartwarming to see the veteran Danes trot around the ring. The crowd makes a point of clapping as they go around. For a breed that has a shorter lifespan than  we would like, seeing healthy active older Danes is wonderful.

Doolin’s return to Dog Shows

For Doolin, his return to the show ring was immense fun. He really had a good time. He loved all the attention from his “Aunties”. He loves seeing Georgia Hymmen (Daynakin Great Danes in Washington) and Karen Hamlin (Hamlin Great Danes in Oregon) who have handled Doolin in the show ring. They are part of his very special family.

For Doolin, who loves being fussed over, he was also thrilled liver treats, used as bait in the show ring. The dogs love liver and will willingly do just about anything asked of them, for a nibble of liver. I believe Georgia is missing a couple of fingers from handling Doolin on Friday, March 31st. We are confident her fingers will grow back shortly 🙂 🙂

Doolin was the only male Veteran Great Dane shown in the two Great Dane specialty shows. He came home with some nice ribbons and a couple of trophies, silver and crystal, and a little bell that also holds a photo. I’ve learned so so so much attending dog shows. My dogs are so much the better for it. Breeders have decades of experience with the breed, know as much or more about Great Danes as my vets do. My dogs have learned to trust and like people from their exposure at shows and they are calm in chaotic dog filled situations.

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