VooDoo (Mantle Merle Dane) and Leo (St. Bernard/Golden Cross) Video

Mantle Merle Great Dane puppy

VooDoo (Mantle Merle Dane) and Leo (St. Bernard/Golden Cross) Video

Sep 18, 2010 | Great Dane Puppy, Great Dane Video, Recent News

Video of VooDoo Mantle Merle puppy and “Uncle Leo”

VooDoo, afraid of nothing, “helps” Leo get a drink of water. She was so cute and he was so patient with her. In this video VooDoo is about 9 weeks old. Great Dane puppies at this age gain 2-3 pounds a week. You put them to bed a night and when you see them in the morning, they are visibly bigger.

This video was right before Leo’s family moved to Texas and Leo was gone for a year, but then he was back with us while his family went off to Singapore off and on for a year. Then his “Dad” Sam graduated from college and Leo and Sam have been together since. Leo and Sam have been in Portland, so we’ve been fortunate to have Leo for vacations and such.

VooDoo still adores Leo and is surprisingly submissive with him, the only dog she is submissive with. VooDoo our Mantle Merle girl, as an adult is a few inches taller than Leo. Hard to believe our beautiful little puppy is now about 35″ at the shoulder. She was always the largest in the litter.

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